blue and white ruffles 2

Happy September! Who is ready for a three day weekend? I’ve been working the last couple weekends so it will be nice to finally get a break! My father-in-law is visiting so we’ll definitely be doing a lot of sightseeing. Time to put on the walking shoes!

As summer starts wrapping up, I’ve noticed that half the items I’ve added to my closet recently are sky blue and white striped. Not too big of a surprise since I usually love all shades of blue, but even after realizing, I couldn’t help adding one last piece to my collection for the season. This is a fun dress that can be dress up or down. Ruffles have made a big come back and there’s no sign of slowing down for fall. I really like that the waist is elasticized so that it doesn’t bunch when you tie the belt. I actually tried a couple other wrap style ruffle dresses and found that the material overwhelmed me and looked frumpy. I picked up these earrings last weekend and they go perfectly with so many outfits! They are very light and the material is more durable than many other pom-pom earrings I’ve seen. Just don’t let them get crushed!

blue and white ruffles 5

blue and white ruffles 3

blue and white ruffles 4

blue and white ruffles 6

Dress: Soprano // Earrings: J.Crew // Sunnies: Warby Parker // Sandals: dv




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