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Happy first day of summer! Today I’m sharing the last post from my family road trip. The final stop before heading back to Las Vegas was Zion National Park. We arrived after dark from Bryce Canyon and ended up driving through the park to get to our hotel (i.e. more driving obstacles for Billy). The road was full of hairpin turns and it was pitch black so it was impossible to tell if the drops next to the road were 5 ft or 500 ft!

The next morning, we took the shuttle from our hotel to the park. My parents and brother decided to take it easy and walk along some scenic trails. Billy and I had heard so much about Angel’s Landing that we decided to see what the fuss was all about. Angel’s Landing is only about 5 miles roundtrip, but it is not without some struggle. The other popular strenuous trail, The Narrows, was still closed for the season.

The first half of the trail is full of switchbacks. Then you walk to the other side of the canyon wall and there are more switchbacks that are even steeper. I’m not sure how many there were, but it felt like a million. Once you get to the top though, you will forget all about it. The view is absolutely worth the effort it takes to get there!

When you reach the landing, you have arrived at Scout’s Lookout. You will be blown away by how beautiful it is. Then you will realize that there are tiny people in the distance, hiking on a long narrow ridge and holding onto a chain bolted into the rock for support. If you don’t like heights and crowded spaces, you should probably relax, have a snack, and try not to have said snack snatched by a chipmunk (for real!).

Naturally, we continued on and naturally, I questioned my safety the entire way. As you walk across the ridge, the drop-offs on either side go pretty much straight down. Also, the trail at most parts is only wide enough for one lane of traffic to proceed so you have to take turns with the other side. Most of your time during this last stretch will be spent waiting for other groups to pass, so at least you won’t be huffing and puffing like the first part of the hike.

When you reach Angel’s Landing, you can really see why it was named that. The view is so stunning and picturesque! So if you are looking for something to do this summer, add Zion to your list!

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