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When my family first decided to visit the Southwest, I immediately added Antelope Canyon to the itinerary. Antelope Canyon is one of those places that looks so magical in pictures that you wonder whether it really looks like that or there was some fancy photography or editing involved. Well, I’m letting you know that it indeed lives up to all the hype! My mom even started looking through the photos she took on her iPad immediately after exiting the canyon.

In order to enter the canyon, you are required to go with a Navajo guide. Therefore, we went with Ken’s Tours in Lower Antelope Canyon. Ken’s is located within walking distance to the canyon entrance. I had read that Lower Antelope Canyon was less crowded because there are less tour companies going in. There were very few people sharing the canyon with us. Our group was just me and my family so we didn’t feel rushed at all.  However, when we came out, it looked like there were several tour buses walking towards the entrance so I think it might just be the luck of the draw. I’m sure in the summertime the canyons are overflowing with people all day.


antelope canyon 3

antelope canyon 5

antelope canyon 4

antelope canyon 2

In addition to Antelope Canyon, we also stopped at Horseshoe Bend and the Glen Canyon Dam. The landscape in Arizona is incredibly diverse. It certainly makes for an awesome road trip because there is always something interesting to look at along the way!

horseshoe bend


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