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The first day of our road trip, we headed out to the Grand Canyon. We arrived at the South Rim mid afternoon and walked along the Rim Trial, stopping at every viewpoint to take pictures. The Rim Trail is an easy hike as most of it is level and paved. There are also many shuttle stops along the way in case you don’t want to walk and just want to take in the views. We ended the day at Hopi Point, where we watched the sunset before taking the shuttle back to the visitor center.

The next morning, we headed out super early to catch the sunrise. It was about a 40 minute drive from the park entrance to Navajo Point, complete with elk and other woodland creatures running out into the pitch black road. If we were still half asleep when we got in the car, we were definitely awake when we got to the lookout! I was completely unprepared for how cold and windy it got at sunset, so I made sure to bundle up for the sunrise. Remember the episode of Friends where Joey puts on all of Chandler’s clothes? That’s pretty much what I did with all the clothes in my suitcase.

Although the size of the canyon is right in the name, you really have no idea the sheer magnitude of the park until you see it in person! I would love to return and explore more of it someday!


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