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Dress: Zara / Parka: Target / Tights: LOFT / Booties: Style & Co. / Bag: Zara (similar) / Scarf: H&M (similar)

Billy and I spent the holidays with friends and family in Cleveland. Whenever we are in Cleveland, we like to stop by our alma mater to reminisce and talk about how good the students have it these days thanks to our tuition dollars. There have been SO many improvements since we graduated! Last weekend we had a coffee date at Rising Star Coffee. I can only imagine how often Billy would have stopped in if it had been around back in the day since it is a block from where he lived most of college.

I wore this floral dress from Zara that I picked up last week. If you haven’t been to the store or e-store lately, you should check it out because almost everything is currently on sale! I’ve also been wearing this coat everyday. My friend actually tried to send me a different coat for my birthday, but after the same wrong coat got delivered twice we gave up on that one and I ended up with this one, which has worked out great! It feels pretty light weight, but has been successfully keeping me warm in the cold Ohio weather. Hoping we don’t see too many colder-than-average temperatures in the next couple months though!

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