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The Bayou Southern Kitchen & Bar
702 Hawthorne Road, Bethlehem, PA 18018

Billy and I typically go out to eat a good amount. We love to find new restaurants and try new dishes. For the last couple months though, we really reined in our restaurant expenditures in order curb our spending before the wedding. Now that the wedding is over, it’s time to see what culinary treats this area holds for us! bayou 2We headed over to The Bayou Southern Kitchen & Bar with a friend the other day for lunch. The Bayou is a southern inspired restaurant that we had heard many good things about. bayou 3Left to Right: (1) New Fashioned: bourbon / orange bitters / Amaretto / clementine (2) Apple Barrel: apple pie moonshine / goldschlager / cider beer / ginger ale (3) Blanche de Bruxelles: Witbier // Mine was the Apple Barrel. I normally associate apple drinks with the fall, but this was perfect for a hot summer day. It was surprisingly light and refreshing.
bayou 4Our friend had the Fried Chicken Sandwich which is made from fried chicken thigh, house-made pimento cheese, and bread & butter pickles. I’m guessing it was good because he stopped talking when the food came and was the first one done. bayou 5Billy ordered the Golden Scallion Hush Puppies. They were perfectly fried and came with spicy tomato butter and scallion chimichurri.bayou 6Billy also had the Smoked Pork Ribs. I had one bite of these ribs and immediately wished that I had asked him to split this dish. It was also a huge portion considering it was a “small plate”.bayou 7 I had the Duck Confit Po Boy which was topped with sesame romaine slaw, cilantro, pickled asian pear, and charred red onion. I find that duck on a sandwich is often stringy or stingy, but this duck had a good texture and there was lots of it. The slaw was a good compliment, tart but not overpowering. The fresh-cut fries were good as well, but I pretty much love all fries. bayou 8Always one with a sweet tooth, I decided we were also going to have the Brown Sugar Beignets. I thought this was going to be a good option because I was so full, but I was wrong. These beignets were way bigger than I anticipated and had what must have been a whole bag of confectioners sugar on them! You definitely get your moneys worth. We had a great lunch at The Bayou and will definitely be returning in the future!

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