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Big things have happened since I last spoke to you guys. Billy and I are now proud to call each other husband and wife!! Once the professional photos come out, I will undoubtedly be showing them off. Until then, I wanted to share some pictures from the rehearsal. If practice makes perfect, then it’s a good thing we practiced because our wedding could not have been more perfect!

The day before the wedding, Billy and I headed to the town clerk to get our marriage license. Thanks to Billy’s school schedule having no week days off and no clerks being open on weekends, we were definitely cutting it close. Luckily, our appointment went smoothly and we got our license with several hours to spare (there’s a 24 hour waiting period in NY). That afternoon, we were joined by the bridal party for the rehearsal. Believe it or not, this was Billy’s first time seeing the venue in person. Good thing it did not disappoint!

After we walked through the ceremony, we headed over to Simply Crepes for dinner. We wanted our rehearsal dinner to be low-key (i.e. low-stress) after planning the wedding from out of state and thought crepes would be a fun and unique idea. We decided to go with a made-to-order crepe station as well as a buffet. Why both? Probably because Billy and I always have fomo (fear of missing out… what if the made-to-order crepe is the best and we only got the 5 other types of crepes in the buffet??). Turns out, it was all delicious! Shocker.

Following dinner, we were able to meet up with a bunch of guests that had arrived that evening. Since we don’t live by most of our guests, it was nice to be able to catch up before the wedding. Anyone who’s had a wedding knows how it’s a race to make it around to all the tables before dinner is over! rehearsal 3 rehearsal 2 rehearsal 5 rehearsal 6 rehearsal 7 rehearsal 4 rehearsal 8 DSC_8436*Photos from the rehearsal were taken by my awesome brother, Jerry Kong!

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