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Prior to moving, I was basically addicted to The Bar Method. Unfortunately, the nearest one is over an hour away so I’ve had to figure out a new routine. I still do some Bar Method workouts via their online classes, but I’ve also added running to the mix. I’ve done a decent amount of running in the past, but I’ve never been someone who particularly loves to run. However, with the park being so close by, it is convenient and the scenery makes it less painful. It is much harder for me to stay motivated when I’m working out solo, so it’s been really important to create a schedule and set goals. For those of you who are runners, how do you stay motivated?
new routine 4

new routine 6

new routine 7

new routine 2

new routine 3

new routine 5Tank: Old Navy / Pants: Onzie (on sale here!) / Shoes: ASICS (similar)

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