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Now that my new home is more or less put together and all the immediate wedding details have been handled, I’m beginning to get back into the swing of things, which means work and getting my pictures organized. As I mentioned previously, I was out in California last month. The majority of my time was spent at Coachella. I don’t even know how to describe my time out in the desert. It was an incredible experience full of music, sunshine, old friends, and lots of new friends. I stayed in a rented house down the street from the concert venue with 25 other people so it was definitely fun and high energy the whole time! After Coachella, I road tripped up to San Francisco before flying back to Tampa. I was so exhausted from Coachella that all I wanted to do was recharge and refuel. So with the exception of the winery and taking a Bar Method class, that’s what I did. Hope you guys enjoy these snaps from my trip out there! Have a great holiday weekend! california 7Coachella!california 4

One of the outfits I wore to the festival.california 3

Gorgeous sunset from the road on our way to San Francisco!california 5

Burma Superstar: (1) Fried tofu with fresh okra in a wok-fire, dry chili stir fry; (2) Braised tender pork curry with potatoes, marinated with pickled mangoes.  5,300 Yelp reviews don’t lie. So good. california 7

Blue Barn: Trying to get back on track after a long weekend of eggs, bacon, and DiGiorno pizzas. (1) Falafel Sando – House falafel, feta cheese, hummus, roma tomato, cucumber, red onion, tahini créme fraiche & sprouts on sliced whole wheat; (2) Beets & Greens Salad with Tofu – mixed greens, roasted beets, kumquat, strawberry, balsamic onion, herbs, candied pecans, garlic croutons, goat cheese & balsamic vinaigrette.

california 10Wrecking Ball Coffee: Great coffee made even better with some Rifle Paper Co. wallpaper!

california 9Glaze Teriyaki Grill: Pork teriyaki combo. This place is straightforward and quick. If I lived in the area, I could see this being a go-to for take-out.

california 8

Basik Cafe: I love a good acai bowl. Unfortunately, they are not always the easiest to find so I was happy to get one while I had the chance on the west coast! california 2

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