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Hello everyone and sorry about the temporary blogging hiatus! Last week Billy and I left Tampa and moved up to Pennsylvania. It was really difficult saying goodbye to all the people and places we have grown to love over the last 7 years. We ran into more than our fair share of moving related snafus which made us think that Tampa didn’t want us to leave either, but eventually we made it out safe and sound.

When I first moved to Florida, I never imagined I would be there that long. I thought it was just going to be a pitstop for law school. Unlike most people who move to Florida, we always assumed we would be moving back north eventually. As our move date got closer, I started thinking maybe everyone else had a point when I kept seeing all these Facebook posts that it was snowing. While I do love snow, I don’t love snow in late April. Luckily, Pennsylvania has given us a very warm welcome with temperatures in the 80s this week. It is definitely going to be an adjustment settling into a more suburban community (not that Tampa is super urban), but having a park across the street and Wegman’s grocery store back in my life definitely helps. Besides, I’m sure we will be visiting Philly and NYC soon.

tampa mural

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