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As I mentioned in this post, a couple of my besties and I met up in Cancun and took a shuttle out to Playa del Carmen for my bachelorette party. We had a very laid back itinerary and did a little bit of everything from laying out to navigating underground caves. I love being able to catch up with my friends while exploring a new city. It was such a great time and I can’t wait to see everyone again! I’m so lucky to have friends that also love to travel and are able to take the time to do it with me!

PDC 2Kristie, one of my MOHs, made these adorable favor bags filled with beads, buttons, sombrero straws, temporary tattoos, and more! PDC 3 PDC 4PDC 12 Champagne sent by one of my bridesmaids that couldn’t make it!PDC 5La Cueva del Chango: This restaurant is a local favorite known for great breakfast. We all got some kind of chilaquiles with varying degrees of spiciness. I was greedy and ordered mine with both eggs and chicken.  PDC 6 PDC 7Axiote: Chef Xavier Pérez Stone was the winner of Iron Chef Canada 2014 and the food definitely reflected it. We were also impressed by the fact that Pérez Stone personally checked every plate that came out of the kitchen. On the right was my favorite dish, the pulpo (octopus) ceviche.PCD 8Aldea Corazón: This restaurant has a cool atmosphere because it is like you are eating in the jungle. We were already planning on eating here, but randomly met the manager at a coconut stand. He was super gracious and set us up with a great table. We practically had to roll ourselves out of this place. Portion control does not run strong in this group. Pictured below: strawberry margaritas and chiles rellenosPDC 9IMG_1912My friends know how much I love sequins so they designated one of the nights sequin night. PDC 10CoCo Bongo: They sell tickets to Coco Bongo everywhere, but we weren’t sure what it was because everyone kept telling us different things. It seems like a major tourist trap, but we had so much fun! The show consists of performers impersonating celebrities with aerial performers mixed in. In between sets, they play music and everyone keeps dancing. It’s pretty much a giant party with confetti and balloons everywhere. We paid extra for the VIP tickets which was definitely worth it when we were escorted past the super long line and had a server and place to sit.
rio secreto 1 Río Secreto: We decided to do an excursion at Río Secreto. Río Secreto is a cenote that wasn’t discovered until 2007. With the help of our guide, Carine, we waded and swam through a small portion of the underground river. This cave was like something out of a movie, beautiful and eerie at the same time. The cave is covered in stalactites and stalagmites and is completely dark without the use of artificial lighting (i.e. our headlamps). All the animals in the cave have sonar systems to help them navigate. 
rio secreto 2PDC 11Thanks for the memories!

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