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 Last weekend one of my bridesmaids, Kristen, threw me a bridal tea party. Kristen has always been an excellent hostess so I couldn’t wait to see what she had cooked up this time. We were treated to tiny handmade sandwiches, bite-sized crostini, and delectable desserts. Beverages included a mimosa bar with hibiscus, mango, and raspberry syrup and green tea lemonade (it is way too hot out to be serving hot tea). The favors were mismatched teacup wrapped in tulle, complete with honey dippers and tiny wooden spoons. Super adorable!

When I first got engaged, I didn’t think I wanted a bridal shower. I thought it would be a hassle for people since most guests are already traveling to the wedding. Kristen insisted on hosting an event for me anyways even if the get-together was small and I’m so glad I accepted her offer. Life has been so crazy lately outside of wedding planning that it hasn’t really felt like the wedding is coming up so quickly. I think the party truly helped me get in the wedding spirit and get excited for all the events coming up!  It was so nice to be able to sit back, relax, and catch up with some of my favorite ladies. One thing I have learned during my wedding planning process is that your friends and family genuinely want to celebrate with you as much as possible and you should let them. Thank you so much to Kristen and everyone who came for such a lovely afternoon! I am lucky to have so many wonderful women in my life!

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