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 I have finally organized the rest of the photos from my last trip to Europe and am excited to share them with you guys. My third destination after London & Dublin was Brussels. I had a couple days left after my friends left. Another friend suggested that Brussels would be a good choice to explore on my own and she was 100% right. Brussels was absolutely beyond my expectations!


brussels postcards 2

1kg of mussels is a lot for one person. Good thing I have a big stomach!

brussels postcards 3

Cave du RoyI wandered into this restaurant (see mussels above) while visiting Grand Place. This restaurant is full of charm as it is located in a 17th Century cellar. I loved the brick-lined arched ceiling. 

brussels postcards 5

Looking downhill on the Mont des Arts Garden towards the historic city center

brussels postcards 4

Did you know that there are actually two types of waffles in Belgium? The Brussels waffle (what we Americans think of as a Belgian waffle) and the Liege waffle. This beauty above is a Liege waffle: dense, sweet, and rich. Perfect for a dreary day.

brussels postcards 6

Two frites places next two each other?? This is the stuff my dreams are made of.

brussels postcards 15

The Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, where chocoholics can find all the luxury chocolatiers such as Mary, Neuhaus, and Pierre Marcolini in one place.

brussels postcards 16

Manneken-Pis is an emblem of the rebellious spirit in the City of Brussels. He also has a wardrobe of over 900 outfits. You can read all about the history and origin here

brussels postcards 7

Grand Place is the center square of Brussels. There are tons of tourists, but you won’t want to leave. To be surrounded on all four sides with opulent guildhalls and excruciatingly detailed architecture is nothing short of magic. It is a place you need to see in person.

brussels postcards 12

Museum of Musical Instruments: This museum has an impressive amount of instruments, most of which you probably didn’t even know existed. Not only is there a lot to see, there is also a lot to hear. Visitors are given an audio player that plays automatically when you walk up to an instrument.

brussels postcards 13

Shrimp cassolette from the museum restaurant.

brussels postcards 11

I was lucky enough to catch the tail end of the SAX200 exhibit. This exhibition celebrated the 200th birthday of Belgium’s own Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone. The temporary exhibit is currently being turned into a permanent one.

brussels postcards 8

The Royal Palace of Brussels wasn’t open to the public while I was in Brussels, but it was still worth passing by.

brussels postcards 14

Walking by the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula on the way back to the hotel.

brussels postcards 9

A capture from the holiday light show at Grand Place. I probably have 50 more of these in every color.

brussels postcards 10

One last dose of frites (with curry ketchup) 🙂

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