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– Washington, D.C. –

Last weekend I had a fun time celebrating the wedding of an old friend in DC. Our families have probably been friends since I was 2 or 3 years old. The father of the groom shared my favorite story of the night during his toast. He basically said that he knew the bride and groom were in a serious relationship when they both published articles in law school dedicated to one another because that was the lawyer equivalent of getting tattoos of each other’s names. I couldn’t stop laughing.

In addition to the wedding, one of my friends joined me in squeezing in some good eats and sightseeing. It was nice to walk around and enjoy some real fall weather. It might still be a while here in Tampa.

10.7.14 blog 4

{Brunch at DBGB Kitchen and Bar. It happened to be their first brunch service. Lucky us! The plates on the walls were painted by chefs around the country. Great food. Great service.}

10.7.14 blog 7

{Library of Congress – Where the groom proposed!}

10.7.14 blog 2

{Library of Congress – Reading Room}

10.7.14 blog 3

{Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool}

10.7.14 blog 5

{Hello, Abe!}

10.7.14 blog 6

{No shortage of flags in this city.}

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