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Over the weekend, Billy and I went to The Future of Sports, an interactive sports themed pop-up art installation. The exhibit is part of a growing trend of Instagram-friendly experiences. The two-story exhibition is broken up into different rooms, each featuring a different sport. The sports include tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer, boxing, cycling, football, track, and ping pong. Visitors are free to move from room to room and play with all the props. There’s also an autograph room with sharpies where you can leave your mark. We loved the creativity of each room and you could tell from all the laughing and sweating that the other visitors loved it too! Billy and I usually like to be on the same team, but in this case, a little competition never hurt anyone 🙂


future of sports 12

future of sports 14

future of sports 13

future of sports 6

future of sports 10

future of sports 3

future of sports 4

future of sports 8

future of sports 9

future of sports 7

future of sports 5

The Future of Sports: 700 H Street NE, Washington, DC 20002 // The installation is open now through November 30. Tickets ($15) are timed and can only be purchased online. Check it out before it’s too late!



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