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So what do we think friends? Beret or nay? As a lover of French fashion, I say yea! There are so many ways to wear a beret- in the center, on the side, puffed up, flattened down, etc. I went with a more military inspired way to wear it because the “fashion girl” way (centered and puffed up) looked like I was wearing a Catholic Cardinal’s hat in this bright red color.

Since the red color is so loud, I decided to wear it with an outfit that wouldn’t compete with the beret for attention. I originally wore this outfit (sans beret, plus heels) for a networking event I was invited to. It was a bit of a last minute scramble as I realized that I haven’t had to dress in business casual in over a year since I started working remotely 100% of the time! I got a lot of compliments on the crane print of the blouse, which is actually half off this weekend!

Working from home makes it really hard to meet new friends when you move to a new city. Therefore, this week I decided it was time to branch out and meet some new people by joining Bubbles & Bloggers. Bubbles & Bloggers is a group of bloggers, designers, entrepreneurs, and stylists that has monthly meet ups for members to meet, network, and hang out. This month, the main feature was a talk facilitated by Ashlee of Cobalt Chronicles and Contracts for Creatives. She spoke about the importance of using contracts and following FTC guidelines in blogging and social media. Talk about when your career and hobbies intersect. If only they could make our Continuing Legal Education classes so interesting and relevant! It was really inspiring to meet so many women that are passionate about their work and care about promoting it the right way!


red beret 2

red beret 3

red beret 4

red beret 5

red beret 6

red beret 7

Beret: Halogen // Top: LOFT // Pants: H&M // Shoes: Merona // Crossbody: Gucci (similiar size)


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