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Hello and welcome to my newly renovated site!! Apologies if you tried to access the site earlier this week and it wasn’t running. Giving the blog a facelift turned into a much bigger ordeal than I anticipated (still have some things to fix), but I really like the new look and hopefully you do too!

Last week, my friend and I went to a terrarium making class! We took the class through The Lemon Collective. The Lemon Collective is a shared workspace that teaches a variety of DIY classes. If you live in the DC area, you should check out their schedule! We are on the lookout for a flower arranging class next.

Normally the classes are held at the Lemon Collective studio, but it is currently being redone so the class was held at the Colony Club. The Colony Club is a coffee shop that also serves cocktails in the evenings. Our teacher was Holley from Sill Life. As a member of the Cactus and Succulent Society of America, she really knew her stuff. She was super friendly and taught us how to build and maintain our terrariums to keep our plants alive. Pro tip: Overwatering is real and is how most people kill their succulents.

Making the terrarium was pretty easy so it’s great if you’re like me and have zero gardening skills. The hardest part was getting it home. For some reason that night, the metro was packed. I had to stand all the way home cradling my glass terrarium in one hand, clutching onto the subway pole and a small cup of dirt in the other hand, and dodging the poster tube waving out of the next passenger’s backpack. Thankfully, my terrarium made it safe and sound and I’m still obsessed with how good it turned out!


terrarium class 4

terrarium class 3

terrarium class 5

terrarium class 6

terrarium class 7

terrarium class 2



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