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I think the last time I wore camouflage was my freshman year of college, but like they say, history often repeats itself and camo is back, my friends! Fortunately, I’d like to think that my style has evolved for the better since then. Back then, you probably would have found me wearing my camo with a teeny tiny rhinestone bebe tee (remember those?). Today, I’m going with a less midriff baring look and pairing it with this terrier print popover. I think it gives the camo a little more polish and the print mixing makes the outfit more interesting than a solid top.  Olive and maroon also go great together for fall!

Speaking of fall, early fall can be a little tough to dress for. When you’re in the sun, you’re sweating. When you’re not in the sun, it’s windy and chilly. Enter this bomber jacket for layering. It’s just as cozy as it looks and sherpa/shearling is another trend that you’re probably going to see more of this fall/winter.

This week has been going by pretty fast, but it’s still only Wednesday so here are a couple links that are helping me through:

  1. I just bought a plane ticket for the end of the year to attend a wedding in HAWAII!! I can’t wait see old friends, visit the amazing beaches, and eat all the poke! I’ll only be there for a few days, but please let me know if you have any recommendations.
  2. This weekend we are going to the Season Opener for the National Symphony Orchestra! Did you ever wonder who gets the sheet music ready? The Librarians, of course! As a lifelong classical music fan, this would be such a cool job! Maybe it’s not too late for a career change?
  3. It’s been an entire decade since Gossip Girl premiered. TEN. YEARS. I think this occasion might call for macarons and hair bows!

fall textures 2

fall textures 4

fall textures 5

fall textures 6

fall textures 3

Top: J.Crew / Jacket: Old Navy / Skirt: GAP / Sandals: Merona



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